Hide care and preparation:

Fleshing is included in price of all mounts.  Skinning is not included and is $45 per hour.

Proper care of the hide in the field is critical in order to ensure the highest quality mount possible.  Follow these guidelines to ensure a top quality mount.

  • Remove hide from carcass and head.  Be careful not to cut any holes in the hide when skinning.  Any holes cut in hide will have to be sewn up and risk the chance that they will be seen when mount is completed.  Do not attempt to turn the lips, ears or mouth if unfamiliar with this process.
  • Be careful when packing out hide from the field.  Do not drag carcass or tie rope around head or any part of the hide as this will cut the hair and cannot be repaired.
  • Do NOT salt hide!  Salting of the hide is done AFTER all flesh and fat has been removed from the hide.
  • After removing the hide, keep it as cool as possible and preferably frozen.
  • Keep frozen until ready to take to the taxidermist.  Hide must be thawed out when brought in so that I can look at the condition of the hide.
  • No hide, skulls, or horns will be accepted that have not been properly cared for.

Trophy Care:

  • Properly mounted trophies will last a lifetime if properly taken care of.
  • Never smoke in the same room that has mounts located there.
  • Clean mounts twice a year with feather duster and/or damp towel to remove dust.
  • Mounts are delicate and should never be handled by the ears.